Mexican Plantation Rubberwood

1. Operation completely vertically integrated including tree planting, harvesting, treating, drying and mill processing.

2. Completely environmentally sustainable, plantation grown.

3. Vertically integrated control of trees, pruning, provides longer lengths than Asian Rubberwood at 7-8′ with balanced cuttings.

3. Each hectare has 450 trees

4. 500 hectares ready for cutting

5. Approx 1m3 Rubberwood lumber yielded from 10 trees

6. Plan to cut 100 hectares/year or more if needed.

7. Tree needs 6 years to grow before producing latex. Then will produce latex for 15 years, and cut down; total approx 21 years growth before cutting.

8. Additional company owned land becomes available for harvest in 2020

9. There are an additional approx 3000 hectares of Rubberwood available for harvest from plantations abandoned by other companies/owners in the same region.

11. RW factory/mill;

2 Dry kilns at 38m3 each
1 Moulder
1 Double end tenoner
1 Sander
1 Chop saw
1 Edge glue panels saw
1 Finger Joint machine

Company very will financed.

Company will invest in additional machinery/capacity as needed per customer commitments.

12. Employees;

a. 250 in RW plantation
b. 50 in mill and latex processing
c. 400 Palm Oil plantation.


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